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We LOVE our My Pillow Travel Sized Pillows! Unfortunately, they didn't come with pillow cases. So, as a seamstress, I created a few for ours.

Just like almost everything else I create, I listed them on Ebay, and they were / are a hit. So, I've decided to sell them here, and maybe save some sellers fees to Ebay.

Below are all the fabrics we have in stock right now. Check back with us once in a while. We are always adding fabric to our list.

Thank You!

They are 20" x 12", making it a snug, smooth fit and leaving a few inches hang over.

Each Pillow Case Is Double Stitched for Durability.

Smoke Free Environment!

Made In The USA by a Small Business Owner!

USPS - 3 to 7 Mail Days Delivery - (We don't work Sundays or Federal Holidays)

We have the below fabrics in stock.

Cotton / Poly Fabric

Solid Colors are made from a 65% cotton / 35% Poly mix. Smooth and breathable!

Cotton Prints are made from 100% Cotton.

Keep checking back for new prints & sports prints!

Dark Blue Cotton

Dark Blue Cotton / Poly

Light Blue Cotton

Light Blue Cotton / Poly

Dark Green Cotton

Dark Green Cotton / Poly

Light Green Cotton

Light Green Cotton / Poly

Aqua with white dots

Aqua with White Dots

Purple Cotton

Purple Cotton / Poly

Back Cotton with Colored Dots

Colored Dots On Black Cotton

Red Cotton

Red Cotton / Poly

White Vine Cotton

White Vine Cotton

Black Cotton

Black Cotton / Poly

Khaki Cotton

Khaki Cotton / Poly

Flag fabric

American Flag Cotton
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Solid Designs
Note To Seller
Print Cotton Designs
Note to seller:

Special Print Cotton Fabric

Our Premier Print Designs. The fabric is more expensive, but the designs are beautiful.

Keep checking back for new prints & sports prints!

Stargazer Cotton

Stargazer Cotton Print
(Metallic Stars)

Comic Book Sounds

Comic Book Sounds Cotton Print

Cotton Planets

Stargazer Cotton Planets
(Metalic Highlights)

Purple Glitter Planets

Purple Glitter Planets

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Special Print Cotton Designs
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Flannel Fabric

These are our most popular designs in the last year. If you are looking for a different kind of design, contact me.

Keep checking back for new prints & sports prints!


Butterflies Flannel

Butterflies Flannel

Rainbow Paw Tie Dye

Paw Tie Dye Flannel

Grey Plaid Flannel

Grey Plaid Flannel

Rainbow & Unicorns

Unicorns and Rainbows Flannel

Flannel Solar System

Planets Flannel

Grey Damask Flannel

Damask Flannel

Patriots Flannel

Patriots Flannel

American Flag Flannel

American Flag Flannel

Animals in Trees

Animals in Trees Flannel

Flannel Wilderness

Wilderness Flannel




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Flannel Designs
Notes to Seller
Fleece Fabric
Coming SOON!
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