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Welcome to our "Pet Page".
I decided to start this, as we have 7 (yes 7!!) fur babies. It is expensive to have this many critters, so I offset the cost by creating any accessories I may need for them myself.
Here, I join my skills as a Graphic Artist and as a Seamstress to make our lives simpler to afford all of our "children". By purchasing these (an any) items from us here, you are helping us afford the other expenses that come from having so many fur babies, like vet bills and medications.
Thank You In Advance! Enjoy Your Items!
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  You Here are Our Fur Babies!  

Cocoa Bean

This is CoCoa. She was born in July, 2015 and we got her when she was 8 weeks old, less than 8 pounds. She was trained as my service dog (I have Panic Disorder), and she is the "Queen" of the house. She's the "Pet Police" as well. When the cats scratch at furniture, she chases them off.Her protective nature makes her an amazing companion for me!

Riley Joe

This is Riley Joe, rescue puppy. He was born in December of 2018 and we got him when he was 11 weeks old (25lbs). We were told he was a "Lab Mix", but at 10 months old and 65 pounds, we think he's a Dane Mix. He's a dopey, lovable, cuddly soul, and he eats more than the other two pups combined!



This is Isabeau, our newest addition to the family. She was born May 15, 2019. We got her near the 4th of July, barely 7 weeks old. Red Merle Aussie & Red Nose Pitt mix, our now friend, Christy was rehoming them when we saw her at the shopping center. This little cutie is smart as a whip, and has almost no fear. She and Riley are best buds, even though Riley is 5 times her size (right now).


This is Dobbie. We adopted him in 2017, off the street in Milliken, Colorado. A neighbor found him crying under their car tire after a scary storm, and we took him home.



This is Squishy. We rescued her from the streets of Rutland, Vermont. She is a Maine Coon, and her hair grows long, so we have to have her shaved twice a year so she is more comfortable in the heat of the south. She has Hyperthyroidism, and is recovering from weight loss resulting from the continued wrong diagnosis from a Vet. All is well now, as she gains weight.




This is Leo "the lion". He is a mellow, easy going cat, who we also rescued from the streets of Rutland, VT. Some terrible children were playing catch with him in their back yard, and we rescued him from them. He is shy around people, but sweet and cuddly to us. He is our "Elder" cat, but keeps the rest of the felines in line.




This is Star. She is a Lynx Point Siamese we adopted after her original owner had her declawed and was going to set her free outside when they found out they are allergic to pet dander. We were happy to take her in. Claws or not, she is quite stubborn and smart, and keeps the dogs in line.

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