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When it comes to my fur babies' health, I am pretty meticulous. We started with one rescue cat, then two. By the third, I was getting swamped with vacination receipts, tags, vet information, etc. So, I created a file folder for each animal, for me to keep all of these records in seperately.

Then I set off to find a specific kind of Health Record for them that would allow me to record all the information I wanted, but not get too bulky! I needed something simple, but complicated.

After a few futile searches on the internet, I decided to use my skills, and create what I needed. Saved me $, and the records have ALL the things I wanted to keep track of.

We are now up to 4 cats and 3 dogs. Good thing we have a HUGE yard, and a decent sized home! We love each and every one of them, which is why we need to keep good health records for them.


Included On This Heatlth Record:

  • Pet's name and information
  • Breeders name and information
  • Vet's name and information
  • Owner's Name and Information
  • Vaccination Records
  • General Medical Records
  • Fleat / Tick Medication Chart
  • Weight Records
  • Previous Veterinarian Records
  • An Additional Space for Any Misc. Records
There is also a space on the front where I can scan in your company business card or logo, and print it right on the records. I sell to 2 local vets who have requested this, and they have been very pleased with the new form of advertising. If you have this done, it becomes tax deductable as advertising cost.

There is an extra, small fee for this. Please contact me for details
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51 - 100 Records
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