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Our History

I started sewing when I was about 6. My grandma taught me to sew purses and blankets. Home Economics in elementary school taught me the more complicated sewing. Over the years I have learned the tricks of the trade and how to implement many accessories.

Each Halloween, all 3 of my kids would choose what they wanted to be, and we would go out, get all of the materials, and create costumes from scratch. All three know how to sew, and I hope they will use that skill throughout their lives, as it seems to be a more uncommon skill these days.

As for the name of the company, “Team Sasquatch Sewing Services”, it’s a “Family Thing”. When I first met my husband as a single mother of 2 boys a decade ago, my oldest son was so amused by my new boyfriend’s height, he called him Sasquatch.

Eventually, we became “Team Sasquatch” in everything we do as a family; from bowling to Corn Hole tournaments. We are all very close, and each member of my family helps out in my sewing projects one way or another. So, I decided to keep the family theme and use it.

We also own a Corn Hole bag business. It started as a hobby, then turned into a business. There’s not much we won’t make ourselves if we can, and we have recently learned that we can make money while saving people money with our services.


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