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We now make "Memory Blankets" as special orders. Until now, we have only made them for friends and family, and have only a single example. It's a quilt I made for my husband and I after a couple of years of collecting fabric pieces.

What we do is take the scraps of clothes from the subject to be remembered and cut them into squares, then sew them together as a blanket, then attach a backing of your choice.

The most common request is from parents who have saved their child's favorite clothes over their lifetime, and want me to sew them into a blanket for graduation.

If / when there isn't enough remnants to create a desired blanket size, other fabric can be added as an alternate. Often Moms who want blankets for their daughters send disney princess fabric for "alternate squares" so the blanket can be bigger. For boys, parents often add fabric with their child's favorite sport or animal.

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See pricing estimations below....


Supplies and Pricing

Estimated Total Charges*

Twin: --------$140*
Full: ----------$165*         
Queen: -------$200*

*This price may vary by cost of fabric.
*This includes cost of work, fabric, supplies and shipping of the blanket.

We mostly use Fleece and Flannel as fabric for the back of the blanket, but if you have another fabric you like, please let is know and we will research it to see if it's viable for the project size.*

Since the backing is one or two large pieces sewn together, we recommend a thick, sturdy, non- "stretchy" fabric, so it will tolerate normal wear and tear better. This will prolong the life of your blanket. Thinner fabrics tend to rip and get holes in them easily, and stretchy fabrics tend to change shape and wear over time, so please choose your backing fabric carefully.*

*This scenerio will likely change the price of the total project.

We stock our fabric at JoAnn fabric store, so if you want to “schmooze” their designs / colors of fleece and flannel, feel free, then send me the specific name of the design/ color so we can acquire it.

Client is responsible for mailing the memory fabric to us.

1/2 of the project cost is due as deposit before we begin the project.


Our Blanket Sizes in Inches
These sizes allow for the blanket to hang over the edges of the bed on each side. These sizes are a rough estimate (give or take an inch or two).

Blanket Sizes
Crib: 34"W X 56 "L
Throw: 50"W X 70" L
Twin : 63”W X 105”L
Full: 84”W X 105”L
Queen: 88”W X 105”L
King: 105”W X 112”L


An average child's shirt (4 to8) has about .75 yards of usable fabric.

An average adultshirt / tshirt has about 1.5 yards of usable fabric.

What we need from you....

To determine what size blanket you can make with the fabric you have, Wehave put together a general guide...

Crib: Children's clothes, 8 to 10 shirts / slacks.
Adult clothes, 3 regular sized shirts.

Throw Blanket: Children's clothes, about 12 to 14 shirts / slacks.
Adult clothes, 4 regular shirts.

Twin: Children's clothes, about 16 to 20 shirts / slacks.
Adult clothes, about 6 to 8 shirts.

Full: Children's clothes, 20 to 22 shirts / slacks.
Adult clothes, about 8 to 10 shirts.

Queen: Children's clothes, 22 to 26 shirts / slacks.
Adult clothes, 10 to 12 shirts.

King: Children's clothes, 26 to 28 shirts / slacks. Adult clothes, 12 to 14 shirts.

If you want to send a bigger variety of fabric, send the fabric and wewill make sure that at least some of each fabric is used in the blanket.

The client is responsible for postage for memory fabric to and from our shop. If you would like the leftover pieces of your fabric sent back to you, we can determine the cost of that for you. We pay the postage for the blanket to be shipped to you.

Not Enough Fabric??

For those who don't have enough memory fabric for the bigger projects, we use an alternate, usually cotton, fabric to fill in the space.

We use Symphony Broadcloth Cotton Fabric In Solid Colors. This is a good, sturdy fabric cloth. When we start the project, we will discuss the colors you would like on your blanket. This fabric is provided at no extra charge. Here are our colors

Thin and /or "stretchy" fabric must be reinforced to prevent ripping or stretching. we sew the fabric square to a square of premium muslin, then sew it into the blanket. This will prolong the life of your blanket.

Hint: if you can see through the fabric when you hold it up to the light, we will need to reinforce or "back" it.

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