Medium Weighted Sensory Blankets


30" x 40 "

6 0r 8 pounds

Great for small children to age 6 or for bigger adults with RLS.

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This Blanket Now Qualifies as "Assistive Technology" through medicaid and medicare! Ask your caseworker for assistance.

These are our currenty "custom" blankets in stock

6 or 8 Pounds

Blanket MED001

The inside layer is filled with Pinto Beans. After careful research, we decided to go with beans as the most natural choice with the least amount of alergies reported.

We make our inside layers with 2 different materials, cotton and nylon. The nylon is liquid resistant, but we have the cotton for those allergic to nylon.

With the special nylon fabric, you can remove the wieghted layer and wipe it clean with a rag. The cotton inside can be washed, and all blankets come with special instructions.

The general rule for blanket weight is 10% of the user’s body weigh plus 1 or 2 pounds.

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